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eflex is a premium CMS platform with an integrated e-commerce module. It offers a flexible way for online data management, display and drilldown. In addition to the basic features (managing items, attributes and categories), the platform has the following key features:

data sorting and filtering based on any attribute

fast processing script combined with the latest caching methods for a better listing

widgets and page data are easily integrated with minimum html knowledge required

flexible import of data, based on an innovative API

eflex is the best tool for the success of your business, because is a complex and completely customizable solution, developed as a result of more than 10 years experience in e-commerce. Moreover, e-flex is a scalable platform that can overcome any challenge through process automation, no matter the size of your business. The platform comes with lots of functionalities for the admin area, as well for the user interface, thereby providing the best experience for the both roles.

The online shop set up via eflex platform:

features a custom design, user friendly with a responsive interface

has a SEO friendly structure

has a fluid and fast ordering process

can be integrated with different services or applications such as ERP, WMS or SFA

provides a lot of marketing tools that increase your business

has automated internal processes

can manage a large number of products, users and orders

eflex has a unique product listing and filtering system that is fast and flexible. In the listing area are presented only progressive filters that means that the filters are reduced depending on the selection, so that if any selection is done, there will be at least one product in the filter.

The product ordering can be done by specific attributes and on different levels, for example, the initial sorting can be done by the products in stock, by collection (2016-2017; 2015-2016 etc.), then by colour ( in any selected order).

The platform has multiple promotion systems like discount, gift (gift selection option), N at de price of Y, grouped packages (3 shirts and a tie at a fixed price) all customizable by demand. A promotion optimizing software is also implemented (if a product is the object of several promotions all will come together in the advantage of the client).

Two or more promotions are applicable for the same product, for example if a product is a part of a "buy one and get a 40% discount on the next" promotions and a simple 10% discount and the client purchases 3 items, there will be two lines in the basket, one with the 40% discount on the first two items and a 10% discount on the third item.

The data import and export to /from excel is done in a simple and easy manner, a single condition applies for excel format, it's obligatory to have a column that contains a unique key recognizable by the portal (sku). Through this method, it is possible to import new products or update the existing ones, by adding data about category, brand, price, stock or any other predefined attribute or a non-existing attribute (that can be added on the spot).

Complex templates can be used for transactional or newsletter email sending using different providers. If the emails have to be sent via internal servers or other systems such as mailchimp or sendinblue, the eflex setting can be done easily.

The test and image management of the website it is intuitive and it can be done in a simple manner.

The product groups are dynamically defined by category, brands or attributes. Moreover, the can be set or grouped through exclusion, for example, all products with images will appear in listing, but the products don't have the "hide" attribute set. The product groups can be used in promotions, filters or for displaying them in different sections of the website (for example, homepage promoted products).

Website form can be easily administrated and designed with existing templates or using manually applied css classes inside the form definition. The can be set to be sent with different templates to established site accounts or to clients, for example, the e-mail sent to the administrator has the following template "John Smith has contacted you via website contact form", while the client receives 'Thank you for your message'.

Also, eflex offers a caching system for a higher website pages accessing speed, a SEO module in which links and metadata can be defined for every other link or by certain rules and an easy manner for the product page presented attribute groups defining.

eflex is an affordable and complete e-commerce solution from ITXS.

Choose eflex and get the best tool for your business.

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