sfa solutions

For your growing business we are developing a great sales force automation software that powers your sales organization with integrated modules that helps you to forecast your sales, manage your orders and clients.

Unlike other solutions, ITXS' SFA software gives your sales team unprecedented visibility into every aspect of the customer relationship, including support cases and back-office information such as contracts and inventory. With real-time dashboards, sales representatives and managers gain better insight to your company's activities.

Sales force automation solutions (SFA) implemented by ITXS for our partners have various functionalities, such as:

Integration with ERP - software (Navision, WizCount)

A web interface that requires internet connection, but has the advantage of needing only a browser

Simple client selection (alphabetically ordered, shortcuts)

Customers listing is generated per agent, ASM or administrator

Application activity history (orders, receipts) on the last 7 days

Order releasing through a simple product browsing based on name, collection or client's history

Containers or pieces can be selected when the order is released,and the real stock or the last sale price per client can be seen in real time

Listing of uncollected invoices and cashing options by issuing a receipt

B2B Sales: after logging client server products will appear automatically listed on the contract prices agreed (imported from ERP), in addition, it can generate the history of your orders, invoices and financial situation (unpaid bills - are within or outdated). After the account log in, the products will appear automatically with the agreed prices (imported from ERP), in addition, the order's history, invoices and financial situation can be generated (unpaid invoices)

Different reports can be generated, such as:

Monthly margins vs target report

Collections margin reports

Uninvoiced clients in the last 3 months

New invoiced customers

Invoiced clients in the current year

Sales for a certain period


Unpaid invoices per agent

Stock charts

Reports are also available at company level, only if the user has the rights of ASM, top manager or administrator.