wms solutions

ITXS' warehouse management system is an useful tool for monitoring, control and optimization of complex warehouse and distribution systems. In addition to the basic functions of warehouse management, such as quantity and bin management and transport management and scheduling, our software also includes numerous methods and means for controlling the system states and a selection of operating and optimization strategies.

ITXS's WMS solutions implemented for our partners have functionalities, such as:

Integration with ecommerce solution (a different menu presented in a simple manner)

Location and operator with different roles management according to priorities

Synchronization with ERP systems or ecommerce for orders and invoices

Automatic assignment of order receptions in FIFO system by document

Order prioritization

Signalling orders for which there are products in the warehouse

If the orders data are inconsistent with logistics operator, ther orders are properly marked so that data is changed manually

Very easy and intuitive product scan system through a web-based application that requires no installation and can be used both intranet and internet

After scanning the first product from an order, the order will be printed and attached to location

After scanning all products for an order, the invoice will be printed automatically

Additional checking of packages before being handed over to the courier

Automatic AWB generating and printing through automated communication with transport provider

Generate report for courier (manifest) via mobile application (the report is printed automatically in 2 copies)

Register direct (return from the carrier - AWB scan) or indirect (available on request) merchandise returns

Generate stocks, stock transactions or operators reports